Hearing Improvement with Games

Utilize Games to Sharpen Your Hearing

When hearing loss occurs, the brain loses its ability to interpret sounds. In addition to reduced ability to detect sound, hearing loss damages your ability to process many aspects of the auditory world. You may find it more difficult to filter out background noise, locate a sound source, or remember a verbal sequence of information.

While hearing aids can restore the world of sound to those who have suffered from hearing loss they cannot restore these lost auditory perceptual skills. Fortunately, the patient can bring back those skills through practice.

Research indicates that participation in an auditory training program during the initial weeks of wearing new hearing aids significantly increases the wearers’ perception of benefit, and overall satisfaction,.

Hear Coach is a suite of listening games developed by Starkey Hearing Technologies designed to help hearing aid wearers sharpen their listening and hearing skills. Available for the iPad, iPhone and Android systems, it features games that challenge both your cognitive and auditory sharpness.

Hear Coach allows you to track your progress over time and unlock more difficult levels as your performance improves. A different background noise stimulus within each of the levels provides you with varying degrees of difficulty to help you train your auditory system in different environments. This app is designed to help people who think they might have a hearing loss, people who have new hearing aids, and even experienced hearing aid users who want to get the most out of their listening.

If you are experiencing hearing difficulties, be sure to call Lyn or Alan today at Advanced Hearing Centers (404) 924-4510 today for a complimentary hearing screen and Hear Coach demonstration.