Hearing Loss Correction for Adults

Atlanta Lifestyle with Hearing Aids

One of the most common medical conditions that people have face today is hearing loss. Hearing loss can be caused by many factors and they can be repaired through hearing aids. The hearing aids are widely trusted by people as they make it easy to hear sounds clearly again. There are many people who are unsure how to buy hearing aids and there are many sources that gives you information on hearing aids. Hearing loss can easily be corrected by the right methods and the following is some of the ways we work together to get you hearing right.

A full assessment will be performed by one of our audiologist. You may need to see a physician as well if there are on typical findings. We will do a full hearing test and tympanometry. You’ll get some assessment about how you were hearing compared to the normal population, and compared to age.

We also will test speech discrimination which is your ability to understand words when they’re presented to the ear at certain levels. Some people began to lose the ability to turn noises into syllables and into words. Hearing aids will work the best if you still have good nerve function and the auditory centers in the brain are in good shape.

We will work with you for about an hour and a half to look at lifestyle concerns, preferences, and style issues. Most any shape of hearing aid now can fit the technology that you need. Some hearing aids are more comfortable than others. He will work with you to find a solution that meets your needs, is comfortable, and is affordable.