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Hearing Aid Styles

Use the Navigation Buttons on the right to view the various body-styles of hearing aids.  All feature all-digital technology and premium background noise elimination algorithms.

The list of the various bells & whistles is lengthy!  Hearing aids may be fit with T-coil devices for ease of use on the telephone, BlueTooth integration for your cell phone, wireless or iPhone controllers, and various pre-programmed listening modes.  The new Halo device for iPhone uses your GPS to automatically change listening modes by location.

The most popular device is actually the Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) or micro-RIC style due to its cost and discreteness.  For most patients, you will notice someone wearing a micro-RIC long after an in-the-canal model.

The Halo device is quickly becoming a best seller.  Slightly less discrete than a micro-RIC it has built-in Bluetooth capabilities for iPhone integration (including streaming music and talking on the phone).

The completely invisible in-the-canal models are the most discrete but have a few limitations such as more irritation for sensitive ears, more issues with wax build-up, and fewer advanced technology offerings due to the device’s tiny physical size.

Exact models are constantly being updated, so please use the list to the right as a general style guide.

Soundlens Complete in Canal Hidden Hearing AidHidden Complete In Canal Invisible Hearing AidComplete In Canal Hearing AidComplete in Canal Hearing AidComplete In Canal Hearing AidIn The Canal Hearing AidReceiver in Canal Hearing Aid

Invisible Complete-in-Canal

Invisible Complete-in-Canal



Complete-in-Canal Fit


In-the-Canal Fit


Receiver-in-Canal Fit

Halo for iPhone

Halo for iPhone