Hearing Loss & Tinnitus Treatments

High quality treatment of hearing loss is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  Our team of Doctoral Audiologists, Physicians and support staff work together to ensure you are getting the most appropriate device, the best physical fitting process, reliable digital programming, and have the best customer care and followup experience possible.  We have found that hearing aids work best and are most frequently used when they come as close to natural sound and natural fit as possible.  An unnatural fit and sound are the main causes of hearing aid use failure.  Our high customer satisfaction levels are a result of our custom tailored approach to fitting and programming.

Atlanta Lifestyle with Hearing AidsAll modern hearing aids fit by our practice are fully digital devices, not the “digitally programmed [but] analog” devices that undercut many prices.  Fully digital devices allow for the most specific programming options which ultimately results in more natural sound in more environments.

We also have a robust practice devoted to the care of tinnitus patients.  We work closely with our Otolaryngologist colleagues (ear doctors) to thoroughly evaluate patients with tinnitus and make an assessment for the most appropriate treatment plan.  Dr. Lyn Rushton is our lead tinnitus Audiologist who works alongside Dr. Rogers, Dr. Mickelson, Dr. Golde in performing medical evaluations on our tinnitus sufferers.  Tinnitus and Hyperacusis is also a key interest of our newest associate, Dr. Goldberg.